The bottomless scroll and the need for feed.


Remember when we used to watch skate videos on a television set. Perhaps you borrowed your friends copy of the latest issue of 411. Or maybe it was a home recorded and hand labelled VHS tape with several bootlegged videos on it, recorded in EP mode. Maybe you didn’t even bother to bootleg the vert parts.

Remember when we used to watch the same video several times a day, every day… Before skating, during meals, or randomly on in the background. We memorized the songs of bands we never would have listened to otherwise. Skateboarding a curb with Iron Maiden in your head and feeling like Jamie Thomas. We spoke random lines from the video knowingly. “Lance Mountain tearin it up”. “I hope god makes you break your leg.” “Quit sinnin'”

Remember yelling “oooooooooooh!” at your tv.

I want those days back.


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