ALL the Gall – every Fred Gall skate video part, ever.

Join us here in the Warm Up Zone as we explore ALL the Frederick J Gall skate footage we could find.

In collaboration with the supercomputer algorithms over at 4ply magazine, we welcome you to the odyssey of Dirt. A journey that will take us through the crust-covered back alleys of greater New Jersey, beyond the banked ledges of Barcelona, down into the deep end depths of long abandoned pools, to the familiar surfaces of apex Philadelphia, returning triumphantly to the transitions of Granny’s house.

Burning monasteries, moving buses, abandoned warehouses and psychedelic hill bombs. We will traverse the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, and the creamy middles. We will analyze the crust, compile the crooked grinds, and hopefully emerge a little more enlightened. We’ll even get a check in from Uncle Freddy himself here and there regarding what we are seeing.
Mostly we will watch and discuss nearly every piece of footage Freddy has blessed us with over the past 30 years and talk about how awesome he is.

Switch tailslides, cargo pants, crack, nudity, love, loss, bank-to-walls, explosions, blood, bondo, guest boards, plywood, tuk-tuks, tucked junk… Get ready for a lot of fun and excitement.

Check in at the Warm Up Zone in the coming days for new posts, new insights, and maybe some Fred you haven’t seen before. Check out 4ply Magazine for the ultimate in Fred Gall statistical analysis. Check Freddy’s insta for the best in crust-side Spot Checks.

Need a little something to tide you over until our first official installment… here’s a tasty sampler of vintage Droorsy Fred footage taken from Zoo York’s Peep This video from 1999:

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