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Then all is well : Tom Knox – Atlantic Drift 11

It happens sadly not enough, but every so often, that you will encounter something that, even as it is happening, is glorious and memorable. It might not be a life altering there-was-before-and-there-was-after thing (then again it might), but it is a piece of something that will be with you forever and you understand this even while it is unfolding right before you.

It can be an incredible meal or a day of river swimming or an art exhibition or a film or a skate session or even just a song. But you get just a quarter of the way through and it just know that this could be IT. But will it sustain? Will it deliver on the promise it has set up thus far? The longer it continues the higher the potential for things to go awry but the greater the joy when it doesn’t crack. Each step further can transport us even deeper; Or will the next step be a misstep?
But it doesn’t collapse into something merely impressive. The magic preserves and when it is over you know you just participated in, if merely through witnessing, something sublime.

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Tom Knox’s part in the Eleventh Hour video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y_v5m85goI?rel=0]

Dreary overcast skies, crusty brink banks, quick footed half cabs, and other unexpected tight fitting drop-ins. Let’s enjoy Tom Knox (mk II) from Jacob Harris’ Eleventh Hour video from back in 2013.

Parts like this make me think my city is probably just cram-jam of interesting street spots, if only I had the eye to spot them, big wheels to roll up to them, creativity to find the lines, pop to reach them, and talent to not kill myself trying. Alas…