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Wait’ll you see your fucking legs, dude!

For a good 15 year stretch from 1990 to about 2005, Kris Markovich was a footage monster, dropping full parts nearly annually as he traversed the sponsorship countryside in search of a stable home he could never really find nor build himself. As expected as one approaches the age of 50, Kris might not be releasing full parts with consistency these days, but apparently his chops are still pretty sharp.

Let’s dig into one of my favorite parts of all time, Kris’ ender in Prime’s Fight Fire With Fire from 1994.

At the time, this part just blew the doors off of the perception that Kris was basically good for some big ollies, fast grinds, and long flowing locks but not much else. There are still several servings of big sets on the menu (the San Diego double set fakie ollie stands out), but the real treat is Kris’ expanded bag of tech tricks that conformed seamlessly into his powerful style.

The opening flatgound inward heelflip is just textbook. The backside 180 to nosegrind on a handrail was very advanced for the time. The constant lines confirmed his rock solid , sure footed consistency. Manual tricks tossed in there for flavor, and some quick-footed pre or post hammer extras keep it unrelenting.

But we all know what we came here for… The greatest 360 flip ever.