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Torey Pudwill’s fantasticly frantic flatbar free-for-all film

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZd6NsTDSsY?rel=0]
Throughout all of 2016, Torey Pudwill was all hopped up on Red Bull and frantically searching the globe for interesting flatbars. Surprisingly enough, he found enough to log 4 minutes of footage and managed to throw down a decent part that celebrates creative architecture as much as (perhaps even more than) the skate tricks executed upon them.

The curvy beach rail was in contention for trick of the year, the lengthy log jam backside lipslide was refreshing, I’m still baffled that folks are skating those mini-arches border fence things like flatrails (never mind kicklfipping into lipslides on ’em), and don’t think I didn’t notice that frontside crooks on the convex bench bar.

On the down side, the arms flailing that was relatively under control in 2014 was back with a vengeance on some of these tricks. I also feel like they ran out of time on that sundown coy pond boardslide and couldn’t log a better trick at that spot.

All in all, without the big swill money to globetrot for single tricks and import flat rails into the salt flats, a nifty part like this wouldn’t exist, so Red Bull logo hats off to Torey and Bragg for putting this together. I’m a big fan of interesting spots and Flatbar Frenzy is worth another view now and again.