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Mike Rusczyk – Foundation Art Bars

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grDnTLFk0H8?rel=0]

Mike Rusczyk stomped a memorable part in Foundation Skateboard’s 11th (!) video… Art Bars, Subtitles and Seagulls from 2001. The title of the video suggests all the abstract art film nonsense is sarcastic, but I get the feeling all that interstitial editing hoopla is a genuine attempt to get in on the Manzoori / Memory Screen stylistic party.

However, the  skating proves forward thinking for the time with non-comply heelflip step-hops, tweaked nollies over the rail,  and an overall well balanced trick selection that feel straight-up street. It could’ve used a few less animated Lego men, though.

I liked the post-Daniel Haney  pre-Duffman-dominant era line-up for Foundation with Rusczyk, Strubing, Ethan Fowler, and even a little Markovich thrown in there before Tum Yeto gave him his own board brand.