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Quartersnacks: Best Skate Parts of the 2010s

Quartersnacks just released the results of there survey of the most popular individual skate parts of the past 10 years … the “twenty-tens”? “twenty-teens”? As a connoisseur of oft-forgotten skate parts, I wasn’t surprised to see some of my picks not make the Top 25. But, overall, I think the outcome for a crowdsourced list like this was remarkably spot-on. I would be in heaven if they gave up the raw data they collected so us spreadsheet nerds can dig deeper, but in the meanwhile I can rest easy knowing that we all did the right thing by acknowledging Dylan as the most important video of the past decade and that Bobby Worrest was in there… twice.

There were a few unpleasant surprises on the list such a Bobby DeKeyzer being in at number 16 (not even the best part in that video), Welcome to Granti-Hero in there at 19 (Grant is amazing, but this was not a great part by any means), anything from Pretty Sweet (especially Guy’s part), and no Wes Kremer at all. I also think we might have selected the wrong Ishod and Tiago parts.

On the plus side I’m glad that we had the cognizance to elevate Tom Knox, Lucien Clarke, Dane Brady, and that Bobby/Hjalte shared part onto the list.

Even better than having a one-stop shop for perusing some of the best skating the internet has to offer from last ten years is that the top ten parts each got a quality analysis from some of our favorite contemporary skate “journalists”: Boil the Ocean, Kyle Beachy, Adam Abada, Frozen in Carbonite. Plus some other folks who tweet a lot.

And, for the record:

  • Dylan – Dylan Rieder
  • Luxury and Loudness – Bobby Worrest
  • Chicken Bone Nowison – Dustin Dollin
  • Cross Continental – Mark Suciu
  • De La Calle / Da Rua – Tiago Lemos

Kick to Kill – watch Machotaildrop on the internet

Back in 2009, Corey Adams made a feature length narrative skateboarding movie. I heard it was kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with Rick McCrank as the nemesis and Steve Olsen as the local skateboarding cake shop owner. Machotaildrop never got released, and other then a trailer here and some Manwolf apparel there, it seemed to be lost to obscurity and bootleg status forever. Read all about the tragic saga in this 2016 Vice Sports article.

After reading that article and doing not all that much internet searching, I discovered you can indeed watch Machotaildrop, or even purchase it for download, through Vimeo. The rental is 3.99 and download is 9.99. Warning, the Fuel TV watermark in bright yellow on the lower right corner is on the entire thing, though. Still, for less than the cost of a pint, you can finally watch Machotaildrop.

For right now, let’s revisit the best shoe commercial ever made.


The bottomless scroll and the need for feed.


Remember when we used to watch skate videos on a television set. Perhaps you borrowed your friends copy of the latest issue of 411. Or maybe it was a home recorded and hand labelled VHS tape with several bootlegged videos on it, recorded in EP mode. Maybe you didn’t even bother to bootleg the vert parts.

Remember when we used to watch the same video several times a day, every day… Before skating, during meals, or randomly on in the background. We memorized the songs of bands we never would have listened to otherwise. Skateboarding a curb with Iron Maiden in your head and feeling like Jamie Thomas. We spoke random lines from the video knowingly. “Lance Mountain tearin it up”. “I hope god makes you break your leg.” “Quit sinnin'”

Remember yelling “oooooooooooh!” at your tv.

I want those days back.