Collab Articles

In addition to raving about skateboarding videos on this site (and the SLAP Message Boards), I also have written and collaborated on other esoteric skateboarding articles.

Quartersnacks 4PLY

Run It Back Turbo: 4PLY Analyzes the Quartersnacks Top Ten

4ply Magazine – January 2021

What does it take to get your clip noticed by the exalted sentinels of skateboarding?  Let’s find out. 

Words, coding, and data viz by me

Also, a post for Quartersnacks about the article.

“This is dumb posing as smart. Approximately 11% of tricks were filmed in New York – whoa!!! What’re we to do with this precious info? Take this shit back to reddit, nerd.” – Haaan

The Best Skate Videos & Parts of 2020 — QS Readers Poll Results

Quartersnacks – December 2020

Write up for the #4 voted part of 2020, Alexis Sablone in Cons’ Seize the Seconds.
“And then, about a minute into Seize The Seconds, when Alexis’ body hits the road for the second time after stomping a kickflip down a ten-stair-plus-sidewalk set, we realize — this is no victory lap.”

I also did the data entry, cleaning, and processing for this survey.

Daher - Top Spots for 4ply Mag

Crushing Numbers:
Mike Daher in
Stereo’s A Visual Sound

4ply Magazine – November 2020

A game changing skate part known for its aesthetic sensibility and emphasis on style… reduced to a couple of graphs and a pile of numbers.

Gall 4ply

Living Legend: Fred Gall

4ply Magazine – August 2020

An in-depth statistical analysis and data visualization of the video part career of Fred Gall. Over 30 video and nearly 700 tricks were logged and analyzed. What is the percentage increase in crust as we move forward in time? Now you can find out.
Coding and Data-Viz by Jared Wilber

“I don’t know how wise an expenditure of your free time it is, but I sure enough enjoy the end results.” – Lou Strux

quarantine skateboarding

The Worst Skaters to Be Stuck In Quarantine With

Jenkem Magazine – May 2020

As hospitals strain and financial markets crumble, as skateparks close and street spots sit unmolested, as unemployment soars and uncertainty looms, it could be worse, you could be stuck in quarantine with one of these guys…
Illustrations by Michael Giurato

The Worst Skaters to Be Trapped In An Elevator With

Jenkem Magazine – October 2016

But then, suddenly, disaster strikes. And it’s much worse than it first seems, cause you are now trapped in the confined space of an broken elevator for an indefinite, but assuredly lengthy, time with…
Illustrations by Walker Miller

“This is just total garbage. This easily could have been hilarious too. How is it even possible to write something so completely irredeemable.” – Discerning Donna

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