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Kick to Kill – watch Machotaildrop on the internet

Back in 2009, Corey Adams made a feature length narrative skateboarding movie. I heard it was kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with Rick McCrank as the nemesis and Steve Olsen as the local skateboarding cake shop owner. Machotaildrop never got released, and other then a trailer here and some Manwolf apparel there, it seemed to be lost to obscurity and bootleg status forever. Read all about the tragic saga in this 2016 Vice Sports article.

After reading that article and doing not all that much internet searching, I discovered you can indeed watch Machotaildrop, or even purchase it for download, through Vimeo. The rental is 3.99 and download is 9.99. Warning, the Fuel TV watermark in bright yellow on the lower right corner is on the entire thing, though. Still, for less than the cost of a pint, you can finally watch Machotaildrop.

For right now, let’s revisit the best shoe commercial ever made.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW3CwVtLtHY?rel=0]