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Mike Daher in A Visual Sound

While 1990 may have been the year that street style skateboarding eclipsed vert in progression and relevance, and 1992 may have seen boards gets symmetrical while tricks got big and dangerous, but, by my analysis, 1994 was the year it all came together. Raw East Coast skating started to get is proper documentation with Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure 2 and Sub Zero videos. Over in Southern California, heavy skate parts like Kris Markovich in Prime’s Fight Fire With Fire and new-to-Plan B Jeremy Wray in Second Hand Smoke added significant nails to the slow-rolling-prayer-flip-to-curb-grind-combo coffin. But arguably the video that made the biggest impact in skateboarding during that significant year was Stereo’s A Visual Sound.

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The Vert Button: Mike Frasier in Stereo’s A Visual Sound

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZDoX5Txrck?rel=0]

As a young skater, I acquired a good deal of my skate videos copied from friends. We would rotate who in the crew would buy the latest video and then we would connect two VCRs with those red and black cables and dub them onto a blank tape. If you copied videos in EP mode, you could fit, like, 5 videos on one tape.

In order to save space and enhance our future viewing experience, we would often hit pause on the recording deck and not copy parts that were deemed whack. Inevitably, this meant the vert parts.

And thusly is how I went many, many years without knowing about Mike Frasier‘s part in Stereo’s 1994 A Visual Sound video. While certainly not as immortal as Mike Daher’s, nor revered as Jason Lee’s, or as career-making as Ethan Fowler’s, Frasier’s part is still a powerful addition to an all-time classic.

Quick, snappy, and strong, yet relatable to a street rat like me who wasn’t hitting coping then and isn’t now. Frasier’s all-vert part isn’t at all out of place in the most cohesive skate video ever. So think twice before hitting that vert button, kids.